As part of my services as a marketing consultant, I offer analysis, planning, and implementation of a marketing strategy designed to work for you.

I am a freelance marketing consultant based in Sheffield, and specialise in working with start-ups and small businesses for a range of marketing services.

I also offer a free 1 hour no-obligation consultation to answer any questions which you can book below.

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I will work with you to define your marketing goals.


Together, we will come up with a marketing strategy tailored to your business, and designed to reach the goals we set together.


Let me help you implement the marketing strategy we come up with. I can work ad-hoc or for a set number of hours a month, to work towards reaching those goals.



Too many consultants try to fit your business into a box they already have a process for. But at Socia Sheffield, I like to find out more about your business, your competition, your short and long term goals, the marketing efforts you are currently implementing, and any results you have so far.

From this, I will analyse what mediums and platforms would be most effective for your business to build a cost-effective and goal-driven marketing strategy. 

I will take you through a customer and audience definition process, to assess in detail the demographics you see as your ideal customers. 

Then I will analyse the tactics your competitors are using, if we can use any similar ones to one-up them, or if we can learn from any of their mistakes. 

Looking at your short term goals will help me to see the volume of marketing you will require. 

If you want to bring in 100 new customers in a month, this will require more of a push than for the same service to bring in 50 new customers a month. 

I will examine anything you are currently doing to see if we can calculate this volume prior to launching any objectives in your marketing strategy plan.



Because of the businesses I work for, I am always very transparent and flexible on my pricing for marketing strategy services.

The length of planning and writing this marketing strategy will depend on your business, the actions you are already taking, and how high your goals are. 

I charge £20 per hour for any marketing consulting services (aside from SEO), and will quote and charge you in advance for how long it will take.

If, once the strategy is prepared, you would like for me to take on the implementation then I work on 3 month contracts. 

However, I do offer a free 1 hour no obligation consultation. In this I will give as much advice as I can, and will be happy to review your online presence or current marketing plan in advance to give constructive feedback that you can use.