Analysing Customer Profiles: Defining Your Audience (Free Printable!)

analysing customer profiles free printable template business marketing

People will come to me and say “How do I market my business?”, as if there is a foolproof universal method. I will always respond that the first step towards making any kind of marketing strategy is producing a detailed customer profile, which will inform all of your business marketing decisions going forward.

Oftentimes people will think that Facebook is the be all and end all, and don’t realise that their client base is actually more active on Instagram. Or someone will say to me “I’m B2B, so social media doesn’t work for me”, when if they used the right platform and targeted their ads more specifically it could actually be one of the most fruitful methods for them.

Sometimes businesses will be pumping everything they have into social media, which has been hailed as the modern marketing machine, but more ‘traditional’ methods such as a targeted email campaign actually turn out to be more effective.

You can find out which methods are best for you by figuring out your customer profile. Many companies will have more than one customer profile and will have to use different methods to engage with (and ultimately convert!) each one.

I have created a printable to go along with this blog post, with space to answer the questions as you go.

Below are the key questions to ask about your customer profile to ensure that you can design the right marketing strategy going forwards.

1. Age of your ideal customer

The age of your potential customer suggests a lot of things - how they prefer to shop, where they are exposed to adverts, what motivates them, and what social media platforms they tend to frequent. A lot of this is common sense, but there are also a lot of marketing studies which can be found online (Google Scholar is a favourite search tool of mine!) to provide statistics to inform this.

marketing to age demographic of customer profile