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Women, business, and an explicit response to inequality.

When I began researching this topic, I came across an article on a leading business media website which questioned why there weren't as many female business leaders. Not surprisingly, this article was written by an old white man.

This sets the tone for everything else that has been found. Last year saw a record number of female CEO's in the top FTSE 500 businesses. A whopping 33 out of 500. While many people, men and women alike, will try and make us believe that this is a fight already won it is clear that it is far from it.

Using the figures from Forbes highest paid actors and actresses of 2019, the top 5 actors earnt £354 million between them, whereas the top 5 actresses earnt just £197 million between them. That is a void of £157 million less that these actresses have earnt. (Forbes, 2019)

Is that because they're too busy having babies? Or maybe they took breaks in their careers to care for their husbands? The highest paid actress in the world is Scarlett Johansson, and scores as 8th and the only woman in the overall top 10. She has had two marriages and a child, so I don't think this argument can hold up particularly well.

Perhaps it's the one day a month that we have to take off work for horrendous period pains, or because people are too scared to promote us in case we get pregnant and they have to pay us higher maternity pay.

In the US, maternity pay is ridiculous compared to here in the UK. You can choose to take 6 weeks of unpaid leave, and that is it. Therefore, this might encourage employers to not be so concerned as they might be here to basically pay us for sitting in our pyjamas and having massive tits for 6 months. Let's take a look at the numbers.

The US has actually reported having the second highest unadjusted wage gap, just behind Germany. The fascists would be proud. The UK ranks fourth on this list, with a 3.5% decrease in wage gap. (Glassdoor, 2019)

So then, what is it? A misogynistic myth that women are less capable than men which is reinforced into our subconscious from a young age? Is it the perception of a woman in charge being an absolute bitch, whereas a man in charge doesn't evoke any kind of initial assumptions like this?

All I know is that, to quote Taylor Swift, If I was a man, I'd be the man.

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