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Welcome to my website! My name is Jasmine, and I am the founder of socia.. After 4 years of working for various small businesses and charity, I have a passion for helping small voices be heard online. In the giant bewildering jungle that is this digital world, it can be so easily dominated by big corporations. As I was thinking forwards to the next step in my career, the natural progression would be to go and work for one of these big corporations in a giant marketing team, and lose the personal touch. Working on digital marketing for small businesses has allowed me to interact with real, passionate people who inspire me in every way. So much so that I have decided to open my own small business with the primary goal of helping others learn about digital marketing, implement these tools, and grow their business through glass ceilings.



We offer a range of products tailored to different businesses, and different goals. If you are looking for training so you can manage your own platforms, or looking for us to take the management off your already busy shoulders, we have a product to suit you.







Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is aimed at small businesses who want to learn everything for themselves. It minimises ongoing expenses by providing EVERYTHING you need to market yourself online! This is done through:
7 hours of 1-on-1 time with an expert, including 3 hour long training sessions.
28 original posts to give you ideas, show you what they can do and get you started.
A social media strategy to go forward with.

Committed to Quality

Does your business need marketing? Hint - every business does!
Minimise costs, stress, and recruitment hassle by outsourcing.
A retainer-based experienced marketing consultant will work with you and the rest of your staff team to carry out a varied array of physical and digital marketing duties. 
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Exceeding Expectations

We will provide unique and carefully curated posts for your business, aligned with your goals with easily tracked metrics to ensure effectiveness. From £129 for 28 posts and one consultancy meeting a month.



Highlights from clients



We offer competitively priced and flexible digital marketing services which cover an array of topics, targeted at small businesses and start-ups.

Specialising in social media management, designing and helping you to put into place an effective digital marketing strategy, and offering digital marketing training online to give you the tools you need to do it yourself. We can have as much or as little involvement as suits you, your business, and your budget.

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