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I am a freelance marketing consultant in Sheffield, offering services remotely across the UK. 


Socia Sheffield specialises in providing quality goal-driven marketing for start-ups and small businesses. 


My priority as a freelance marketing consultant is to provide a friendly hand up to an essential service for people who may feel alienated when considering bigger agencies. I do this by ensuring my prices are flexible, transparent, and affordable from the start. 


My marketing approach is holistic, and includes a range of services including marketing strategy, training, social media management, blog writing, email marketing, and SEO improvement.



A passion for flexible marketing consultancy.

I founded Socia Sheffield in 2019 after working in marketing for 4 years. 


There was not a great deal of accessibility for small businesses, charities, or start-ups to benefit from quality marketing services. I saw space in the market for a freelance marketing consultant who could bridge that gap.


I therefore pride myself on offering flexible packages and payment methods, a focus on training to reduce the cost of ongoing management, and offering free advice in an initial one hour consultation.


As a freelance marketing consultant based in Sheffield I have seen a number of clients who think their business needs one thing to succeed, but after a strategy meeting with me discover that they need another. Because of this, I have trained in every area I could to be able to bring the whole package to my consultancy. 

Your free consultation will help decide which of these services would be most applicable to you, and when they would each be best to be utilised.


This is a comprehensive list of all marketing services currently offered, including both digital and traditional marketing.

  • Freelance marketing consultancy comprising of all elements

  • Marketing strategy writing to notice where your holes are and make an action plan to fix them

  • Marketing training (both one-on-one and group training)

  • Social media management and planning to grow your online presence

  • SEO improvement to drive organic traffic to your website

  • Blog writing as an SEO tool and promotional material

  • Online marketing training videos will be available to buy off-the-shelf soon!


I am extremely passionate about the work I do.

There is such an amazing feeling we get, as freelance marketing consultants, when our clients crash through a barrier they have been working to get past for a long length of time. 

My clients, and the results I get for them, are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. 


When I first spoke to Jasmine over the phone for the initial conversation of the marketing position we had available. I knew straight away she would be a great asset to the business.


She didn’t just offer me the world and a kitchen with all the utensils for £2.50, she asked for all our social media links as well as our website details to see if she could help us move forward as a growing business.


Shortly after sending all information across she emailed me a list of things and step by step procedure where she could help the business, which confirmed to me where I needed her assistance.


Since starting with the business she has increased our income, our web visibility as well as our marketing strategy going forward 


Me personally I find Jasmine very easy to communicate with she knows as a growing business we work on a small budget and to date she has done extremely well.


It’s been a great pleasure working with her for the last 4/5 months and we look forward to working with her in the future even though she might find my 10pm texts annoying. 


Thank you for all your help so far. 

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After 28 days one client’s Facebook reach improved by 722%, and post engagement rose by 679% - all organically!


After 28 days, one client’s Facebook post engagement organically rose by 892%, and grew by 92 followers. For them, I created a post which reached over 30,000 people in a day for a page with just 313 followers.

After one month of hardcore content marketing & on-page SEO improvement, one of my client's moved from having 0 keywords in the top 3 on Google Search, to having 29 and getting organic search traffic and website leads for the first time!


Multiple companies have been getting 0 calls or downloads until they work with me. 

Then, with a strong marketing strategy designed just for them we have been getting multiple calls per week.


So far as a freelance marketing consultant I have worked for:


9 companies for purely social media management projects.

4 companies for purely SEO services.

19 companies for more holistic freelance marketing manager consultancy projects.

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